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Use Firefox for the benefit of tabbed browsing

I'm working a lot with metalinks for Oracle bugs and Googling for various Linux administration problems. My searches on Internet Explorer give me a mess of 10-50 open windows that I have to click through to find the right answer. Does Firefox offer a better way?
Sure, tabbed browsing is central to Firefox's design. The problem you have in IE is that every time you click on a link, your concentration on the current page is broken while that link creates a new window, or while that link replaces the page you were studying. Tabbed browsing lets you keep the current page, but also cherry pick the other pages you're interested in for later reading. To do this, just bring up your page of search results as per normal. Instead of plain left-clicking on each interesting link, Control-left -click, or middle (scroll-wheel) click. That puts the link's page in a tab behind the current page. Since the current page doesn't lose the focus you can repeat this as many times as you like. When you've got everything you want, just bring those tabs to the fore one at a time by clicking on their labels at the top of the content area.

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