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Upgrading from Red Hat 9 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

We are currently running RH Linux 9 on our servers. Can we upgrade directly to RH Enterprise Linux? Does one CD media for RHEL serve multiple installations on different machines? Can I also upgrade a RH 7.2 server to RHEL?
Red Hat developed Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the single target platform for all major ISVs and their enterprise-level servers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3.0 was just released. Red Hat also released Red Hat Enterprise ES and Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS shortly after to complete the product line with products appropriate for edge-of-network server applications. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a more mature environment than the retail Red Hat Linux products such as Red Hat Linux 9.0 or the community driven Fedora Project. The Red Hat Linux retail releases were appropriate for smaller businesses, open source developers and hobbyists. Both the Red Hat Linux product line and the Fedora Project contain a variety of technologies and applications that are either not business related, or are still in the early stages of development, in contrast to the packages that encompass Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You have to buy a license for each machine with Advanced Server Linux. You can directly upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux from RH 7.2.

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