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Upgrading from Oracle 8i to MySQL

We run Oracle 8i for everything, but we need to upgrade. We'd like something less expensive, of course, but it's got to be able to handle an active Web sales business with offices on two separate coasts. What are our options with MySQL? Should we be looking at a utility model, or would that transition from client-server be too hard?
Depending on how you currently use Oracle, MySQL may very well fit your needs. You need to take certain factors into account, such as how extensively you use stored procedures. MySQL supports a different standard for stored procedures. Oracle uses PL/SQL and MySQL uses PL/PSM. This could result in a major rewrite if you make use of a lot of Oracle-specific syntax.

As far as being able to handle an active Web sales business, this should not be a concern. Companies such as Ticketmaster and Travelocity make extensive use of MySQL in high-transaction environments and find that MySQL scales just fine for their needs.

As for the choice of model, I can't really answer on what information you gave. I know a lot of organizations first look at moving the back-end database then worry about changing their application down the road, and it often seems that making small changes in progression can be easier than tearing the whole system apart at once.

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