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Ubuntu Linux drivers for a Lexmark 2350

A Linux desktop expert recommends going with Linux-friendly printers since Lexmark doesn't offer Linux-compiled drivers.

Can you tell me what driver will run under Ubuntu for my Lexmark 2350?

The Lexmark 2350 is a low-end inkjet printer and scanner connected to a PC by USB. The first thing to try with any printer is to boot into Ubuntu, and run the "add printer" utility. In this case, you probably won't get the working printer you want.

Lexmark used to be completely unsupportive of their Linux customers. As Linux has grown in importance, Lexmark's attitude has improved, and the company now releases their driver source code. However, Lexmark still doesn't actually offer their drivers in ready-to-use form, compiled for Linux.

Although this printer hardware can be purchased for $45, you are likely to expend many times that amount in your time and trouble trying to make the software work with Linux. I recommend buying a Canon or other printer make that offers good Linux compatibility next time you purchase a printer. You can search Google to find the Linux compatible printers before you buy.

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