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Two ways to migrate to OSS

Open source apps and software expert Bernard Golden recommends trying to run Windows on Linux or switching over completely to open source apps.

Most of what I use my PC for I can do with Linux and OpenOffice, Firefox, GIMP, etc. We have already abandoned Microsoft Office for OpenOffice and IE/Outlook for Firefox/Thunderbird throughout the company. I am keen to migrate (myself, three PCS, the 15 users and their PCs that I look after) to Linux but I need book-keeping software that will run under Linux, and I need to replace my MS Access database applications. Can you offer some suggestions?

App availability can be a problem on Linux. There are some open source accounting apps which you could look at to see if they meet your needs. Regarding migrating Access apps, you could take a look at Versora, which does some migration software and might address Access.

A different sort of solution is Wine (open source) or CodeWeaver's CrossOver (commercial) software, which enables Microsoft applications to run on Linux. I've used it and it does a good job. Good luck.

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