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Troubleshooting RCLP ABEND in a CoolGen tool

Robert Crawford explains how to use CoolGen to solve ABEND troubles.

We are getting an RLCP ABEND. The technology we are using is CoolGen's Advantage Gen, a tool for rapid application development which generates code from graphical business process models and mainframes. All the screens are developed in block mode, so when we run the transactions from screens we are getting an RLCP. Please let me know how to resolve the issue. Is it SQL code that is causing the issue or any other problems?

All CICS system ABENDs begin with the letter A.  Therefore, it sounds like your application or CoolGen is ABEND'ing itself.  If you can't get what you need from the production documentation I would look in the CICS job log or CSSL for additional information. You may also want to look for a CoolGen specific log if it has one.

If all else fails, ask your systems programmer to get an auxiliary trace of one of the ABENDing transactions. If a missing program, disabled file or bad SQL code causes the problem you will catch it there.  If this doesn't shed any light on the issue I would contact the vendor.

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