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Tools for migrating a large number of users and data from Exchange to Linux

Our company runs on MS Exchange 5.5. It has around 500 users located in three cities, around 200 in each city. Now we are planning to move to Linux. I need a solution to migrate successfully to Linux with all the users and user data on Exchange servers migrated to Linux server. Any step-by-step procedure available would be of great help.
Actually, this is a somewhat open-ended question, since there are a number of e-mail solutions that run on Linux. However, in a move with as many users as you are serving I would consider starting with the solution on which you choose to migrate. I would recommend the following two solutions to replace Microsoft Exchange and to help you migrate your user data. The end result should be a functionally equivalent replacement for your infrastructure.

I would first consider Openexchange Server, which is an open source collaboration and integration server that offers much of the same functionality you already have under Windows with Microsoft Exchange.

You can receive professional support from both Novell and Netline, which hosts the Open-Exchange Web page.

Also, you may want to consider Versora to migrate the data from Exchange to OpenExchange Server. Versora offers a full suite of tools for migrating from Windows servers to Linux servers. They specialize in migration from Microsoft Exchange to Open Exchange.

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