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There are no shared facilities between WebSphere and CICS

I'm no techie so please excuse my lame attempt at this question but I'm desperate to know the answer to the following.

We have a CICS application running on an OS/390 mainframe (CICS version 1.3) and we are going to install WAS 5.0 on the OS/390 as well. The WAS 5.0 is running outside of the CICS region and the WAS will communicate to CICS via the CTG. Other than send and receive data from WAS to CICS (and vice-versa) via the commarea, do we have other options for passing data between the two, specifically TD queues and files?

I can't find any information on this. I know that the CICS transaction server that runs within CICS and there are JAVA classes that interface with the CICS services. But, what about architectures running WAS outside of the CICS region? Thank you very much.

You have to realize that WebSphere and CICS are completely separate entities and there are no shared facilities between the two environments. You have decided to execute a CICS Transaction/Program via the CTG and are so operating in a RPC-type of mode. In the (new!) CTS 2.3 there is a new Connector (CCI) based on the standard Java Techniques which supercedes the CCF connectors available in earlier CICS' (though CCF will still work with CTS 2.,3).

The closest type of integration is at the application level via EJB usage. That, at least, gives you a UnitOfWork that spans the two environments and essentially removes the boundary between the two systems (as far as programming things in Java is concerned).

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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