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The advantages/disadvantages of using CICS socket interface or ECI

Please list/discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the CICS sockets interface or ECI with the CICS Universal Client. Frame your answer based on an environment in which Visual Basic 4 under Windows will be communicating with CICS/TS 1.3 running on OS/390 2.10.

A secondary question, can both these solutions work without any intermediate software such as CTG or WebSphere?
An initial reminder that OS/390 2.10 is going out of service in a years time, so you had better get onto z/OS!

If you are using VisualBasic as your client, then you do not need a CTG in the pathway to CICS. You can use TCP/IP to go directly into CICS and do the equivalent of an XC LINK. When configuring things, ensure availability by not going directly to a CICS region for execution but always going to a routing region that can decide to schedule the work in the best place. If you are a UK person, I have some presentations on the UK Guide/Share Web site about these issues). Have multiple routing regions and then use TCP/IP port sharing to ensure contact.

However, you will need some configuration information around on each of the VB clients to get contact with a routing region (that will need to be kept up-to-date).

I suggest you upgrade to a CTS Version 2 to get performance and operational advantages.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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