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Stuck in a Solaris-to-Linux migration without CDE

We want to port some of our Solaris applications to Linux, but we're getting stuck because of Common Desktop Environment (CDE) not being available on Linux. Are there any options for us?
While Linux provides the same kind of functionality as the CDE, as you're no doubt aware, the actual implementation is different and would require significant engineering effort to get apps working with one of the two Linux desktops. Assuming that level of effort is not appropriate, I think you need to seek out acceptable solutions that enable you to carry support for the old apps forward while beginning to use Linux for non-CDE and also for new apps.

One alternative is to keep a few Solaris boxes around to run the apps. Another is to use Intel boxes and dual-boot both Solaris and Linux; you can boot up the one you need depending upon which application you want to run. Finally, a third option is not to move to Linux, but stick with Solaris. It was recently released as open source, and you could stick with a lower-priced Solaris solution. With Sun's push to gain momentum for open source Solaris, I'm sure you can get their assistance in this matter; after all, they need success stories.

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