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Starting SQLServer with Sybase ASE

Sybase expert Mich Talebzadeh explains how to log on in ASE.

I have installed Sybase ASE with SQLServer on my Linux server. I am trying to find out how to start and shutdown SQLServer from command prompt. Does SQLServer automatically start when I log on as 'sybase'? I tried to use isql from command prompt when logged on as 'sybase,' but it doesn't log me on as 'sa.' It says 'invalid password.' I worked with SQLServer and its command is 'net start mssql server'. Is there any command like that in Sybase on Linux?

ASE does not automatically start when you log on as 'sybase.' In Linux, like any other flavors of Unix, you need to go under directory: $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install and start ASE as follows:

startserver -f RUN_


where is the name of your ASE you installed. For example, if your ASE instance is called then the runfile is called RUN_MY_SERVER etc.

Once you have started ASE, then you can logon to it using isql. If you have forgotten your "sa" password, then I have already written a thread in this forum on how to deal with lost password for 'sa.'

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