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Should I migrate from Unix one app at a time?

My company would like to get off of Unix (HP-UX) because it's costing us too much money. Is it better to do it one app at a time? Should we start with file-and-print or NIS or DNS?
I'm not sure I fully understand this question. To what platform do you wish to migrate to? If that is Linux, then you'll need to understand Linux, bring in some boxes and start fooling around. When you're comfortable with the platform, then you can start looking at migration. Any type of migration should be done one app at a time. If you convert it all at once, you'll be hard pressed to isolate the problem, when one occurs.

If you're using an HP-UX server to run your DNS, that might be a good place to start. DNS is pretty much DNS on any server. The config files just need to be properly cut-over and/or modified, and everything should be tested locally before notifying anyone of your change. HP, like IBM, is a big proponent of Linux today. Start with this HP link and do as much research and preparation as you can. Make sure you train your staff appropriately.

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