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Script can't connect to MySQL, only works when logged in via SHH/Shell

I am running a cgi script on an ISP-hosting server that accesses a MySQL database. This script works fine when using anyother type of database, but when I try to set it up for MySQL, it cannot connect. Here is where it gets interesting: When log I onto my server space via SHH/Shell access everything works FINE! And the script can access the SQL database no problem... it's only when I'm not logged onto SHH/Shell that I have a problem.

What would signing into SHH/Shell change as far as accessing MySQL and hence give me some idea how to fix this?

More info:

  • The script is owned by my user (bsharp)
  • The MySQL.sock is owned by user MySQL
  • The actual database I created is owned by MySQL
  • I'm using a perl command like DBI:mySQL:database:host
The user I am using to access MySQL ('bsharp_intchg') can connect on other MySQL access programs (such as Navicat by Premiumsoft). I don't think there is a problem with the user or password. I have tried adding the host % to the allowable connection hosts. I don't think this is too important but:
  • The script is the gnu INTERCHANGE ecomerce dameon
  • My hosting provider uses cpanel
I guess my question is what does this problem -- only working when logged in --mean? And how should I go about fixing it?

Many ISPs do not allow access to port 3306 (the MySQL server TCP/IP port) from outside their firewall. If this is the case, you can still attempt remote access by using SSH tunneling. I have a tutorial on the subject (in a Windows context) at http://www.vbmysql.com/articles/security/sshtunnel.html, and a Web search on the subject should yield a variety of other tutorials.

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