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Saving space with AUTOINSTALL

We currently have a setup whereby workstations running CICS clients have APPC connections to CICS TS 1.3 host regions. There is a one to one relationship between the workstation and the defined APPC connection in the host region.

Is it possible to reuse the same connection across multiple workstations concurrently, making use of multiple sessions? Is this also possible using APPC AUTOINSTALL?
With your current two-tier configuration there isn't any way for a single APPC CONNECTION definition to serve more than a single workstation. You haven't provided any information about the number of workstations involved, whether most or all of them would typically be connected to CICS, whether you are currently using AUTOINSTALL for these APPC CONNECTIONs or what prompted your question.

If all or most of these workstations are typically connected to CICS, there would not be a significant advantage to utilizing AUTOINSTALL for these CONNECTIONs, unless changes within this population of workstations are frequent enough that you find it necessary to regularly alter existing or define new CONNECTION definitions.

If only a subset of these workstations are connected to CICS concurrently, then there would be some storage savings by using AUTOINSTALL as only those workstations in session with CICS would have a CONNECTION definition installed.

If you are not having any particular issue with your current configuration, I would not be inclined to change it, except possibly to use AUTOINSTALL if you are not currently doing so. You can think of the APPC CONNECTION definition for each of these workstations as not much more than the CICS terminal entry that would be installed for each workstation connected to CICS as a 3270 display station.

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