SELinux on other distros (not just Red Hat)

Is SELinux only available on Red Hat? If not, could you offer some advice on using it on other distros?
SELinux is not just available for Red Hat, but it is also available out-of-the-box for a number of other distributions including Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Hardened Gentoo and Yellow Dog Linux (used for Sony PS3, IBM Cell and Apple PowerPC platforms).

Some of these distributions ship with SELinux turned off, or require a different kernel, or even a kernel re-compilation. SELinux policies, rules and behaviours should be identical across distributions, but a wide variety of userspace tools for managing policies and configuration do exist across multiple distributions. I recommend reading the associated web pages and documentation for each distribution.

For other distributions, for example SUSE and openSUSE, the AppArmor framework is available. AppArmor is a similar MAC tool to SELinux. AppArmor has also been ported to Ubuntu and Slackware.

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