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Running Maple 10 on 64-bit Linux

A new user wants to know whether it is possible to run a math application, Maple 10, on 64-bit Linux.

I am a math hobbyist, as opposed to a programmer, etc. I recently bought the Maple 10 math software package. It came with an added disk that runs under 64-bit Linux. I am not a computer novice, but have never run Linux. I am buying a new computer with a Pentium D 915 dual-core CPU. Based on sketchy information above, would you say I might be successful with a 64-bit Linux application, or is it best to forget the whole idea?

Before you install anything, find out if you can get a free upgrade to Maple Math version 11, as it is just now shipping. According to the documentation on their website, version 11 is supported in 64-bit mode.

However, the answer lies in how much of a hobbyist you really are. If you're the type that doesn't mind working a bit harder to get things to work, it might be fun for you. Because there is no officially released 64-bit Linux port of the classic interface on version 10, you will have problems if you call on tech support. People have used Maple 10 on a 64-bit Linux machine and the performance of the 64-bit Maple 10 kernel is known to be faster. Here is the Maple Math's blog entry dealing with Maple 10 on 64-bit Linux. It has useful information that might be able to help you get it done. Good luck!

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