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Right click, left click -- interoperability with Firefox

Up to now, as far as I'm concerned, there is only one fault that I find in Firefox 1.0.1. When I was using Mozilla or Firefox 1.0, I was able to left click on a link in an e-mail to access another e-mail account. With FireFox 1.1.0, I have to right click on the link to tell Firefox 1.0.1 to tell it to open the link in Internet Explorer. Then suddenly I found out by accident that I was able to left click on a link to access my e-mail account. Sadly, that solution didn't last. It seemed to let me do that only once. So, do you have any advice about how to accomplish this in Firefox?
I'm not sure of your problem; I think you're talking about Web-based e-mail. Whoever provides the Web-based e-mail system is responsible for making it work cross browser. If you're talking about starting up e-mail from a Web browser, then you need to make sure that (on Windows) you have a default e-mail client set up. If you do, then clicking on mail links should work fine. You can test this out by saving a plain text file with a .eml extension to disk. Double-click the file and see if any e-mail application starts up. If not, fix that and then restart Firefox.

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