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Resources for Linux training and certification

I am an Oracle DBA currently wanting to learn Linux from that perspective. I have worked on Unix as a DBA but have not done any Unix admin. However, I do have some understanding (not enough) of some Unix admin concepts. With this background I want to be able to learn Linux so I can start doing system administration. Please suggest books I can start reading. Also suggest other resources, too.

I also would like to get some information on Linux certification. Based on the information I have collected it seems LPI certification is the best because it seems to be vendor neutral. Please advise.
For Linux basics, check out our Linux basics for Windows pros learning guide. You can bone up on Linux tools in our learning guide on that subject. Our chapter excerpt library is full of books that could be helpful to you.

You are right about the Linux Professional Institute's certification being vendor-neutral. We wrote an article on that very topic, and it offers some insights into LPI certification programs. We have quite a few links to certification and training resources.

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