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Reporting Nagios data to BMC Patrol

A security expert describes how to configure open source network monitoring tool Nagios so that data alerts, reports and other information generated are sent to BMC Patrol, which will be used as an alert tool.

In a past question, "Is it possible to integrate Nagios with BMC Patrol?", you mentioned that you could do such a thing. What is the process for configuring Nagios to send the information that Nagios gathers from our Linux servers, and have it reported to BMC Patrol?

Here are the instructions:

  1. Configure Nagios to generate SNMP traps for any alerts you wish to send to Patrol. I use the snmptrap application that comes with Net-SNMP to do this, combined with a global or service-specific event handler. Or you could configure Patrol to be one of your standard notification methods, like email, pager or mobile phone. Below is an example of a SNMP trap that combines OIDs and Nagios macros that could be sent to Patrol. This will almost certainly need to be modified to suit your environment.
    define command {
        command_name                       notify-pem-service-trap
        command_line                        /usr/bin/snmptrap -d -v 1 -c
    public pemprod.testing.com . '' 6 ''
     '' . s "Notification Type: $NOTIFICATIONTYPE$"
    . s "Service: $SERVICEDESC$" .
    .1.2789.2005.3 s "Host: $HOSTALIAS$" . s
    "Address: $HOSTADDRESS$" . s "State: $SERVICES TATE$" . s "DateTime: $SHORTDATETIME$"
    . s "Additional Info: $SERVICEOUTPUT$"
  2. Configure BMC Patrol to receive and process the incoming trap and assign the data to the relevant host and service being monitored. You will generally need to send at least the hostname, service, service state and any relevant host or service output to BMC Patrol.

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