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Replication or symbolic links for databases

MySQL expert Scott Noyes offers explanations for replication or symbolic links for databases as two solutions to connect databases.

Can you tell me how I can create linked tables in MySQL as I'm able to do in Access? I have two databases. Master tables are in one database and other tables are in another database. I want to be able to use all tables from one database with either of the two databases.

If all the databases exist on the same MySQL server, there is no need to set up anything special. You can query against tables in any database, using dbName.tableName. For example:

SELECT * FROM db1.table1 JOIN db2.table2 ON (table1.id = table2.id);

Check out "SELECT Syntax" and "Identifier Qualifiers" of the MySQL 5.0 Device Manual for more details.

If your databases are on different servers, you can either set up replication so that one server gets an update copy from the other, or you can use the FEDERATED storage engine to define a sort of symbolic link to a remote table.

Chapter 6, "Replication," and the "Federated Storage Engine" sections of the MySQL 5.0 Device Manual can help you with either of those tasks.

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