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Replacing the auto-journal archive function for logger

This is a question about logger for the migration from CICS/ESA 4.1 to CTS 2.2. For CICS 4.1, we could use the auto journal archive facility to submit the archive job. However, since logger does not have the concept of "full" and apart from the scheduled job, there is no way to replace the existing setup when journal is full.

Hence, we may need more DASD storage. Do you know of any other methods that replace the auto-journal archive function for logger? Thanks in advance.

The general idea of CICs using the MVS logger means that CICS does not have influence or interaction with the logger dataset. Thus, the old archival CICS-generated job has disappeared.

In general, the journal record-equivalents get placed in the LOGR offload datasets under controlled conditions (tunable by yourself). The idea is that you have these offload datasets available and hope that your usage is such that you never need n+1!

Then the next general ploy is that these files should be SMS-managed. This means that when the logger creates an offload dataset, the storage class used in conjunction with DFMS will control how it is archived (to tape) and processed in general (retention periods, storage staging).

If you do not want to use SMS for these offloaded log files, then I would stick all the files onto a given disk and ensure that it gets archived nightly.

You could also look into other vendor products that might be able to automatically copy a file when it is created or closed.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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