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Replacing Access

Office suite expert Solveig Haugland provides recommendations for replacing Access and open source bookkeeping software.

Most of what I use my PC for I can do with Linux and OpenOffice, Firefox, GIMP, etc. We have already abandoned MS Office for OpenOffice and IE/Outlook for Firefox/Thunderbird throughout the company. I am keen to migrate (myself, three PCS,and the 15 users and their PCs that I look after) to Linux but I need book-keeping software that will run under Linux, and I need to replace my MS Access database applications. Can you offer some suggestions?

To replace Access, you can use OpenOffice.org Base. I would suggest doing a test run, first with the most complex databases. Base doesn't have much in the way of calculations within the database, though it does have some reasonable query and reporting features. You can find ways of bringing data into Base here.

Regarding a bookkeeping application, I haven't used any. However, options include TurboCash, Lazy Eight (also written as Lazy 8), Emma, GnuCash, jGnash and QHacc.

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