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Removing page break from a table

Office suite expert Solveig Haugland explains how to remove a page break from disrupting the flow of a table.

I created a table in OpenOffice, then added a page break for the table. I am not able to undo the page break so that the table joins back. Can you tell me what steps to take to enable me to join the table back?

You can simply copy and paste (or cut and paste) the contents of the table after the page break into the first table.

  • Select all the rows in the second table and copy them.
  • Go to the bottom of the first table.
  • Make a new blank row. (Click in the bottom row and choose Table > Insert > Rows, or click the Insert Row icon.) filename.
  • Click in the first cell of the new blank row.
  • Just paste.
  • Delete the second row.

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