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Remote Abends error

I receive the following error when trying to print from a CICS screen (the print function calls a program written in assembler). I have seen your answer for a similar problem, for another ABEND. Can you tell me what the error below means?

DFHAC2206 13:28:21 CICK Transaction DKO0 failed with abend AZI6. Updates to
 local recoverable resources backed out. DFHAC2261 System CICM sent message
 (sense code 0824089E). 'DFHAC2206 13:28:21 CICM Transaction DKO0 failed
with  abend ASRA. Updates to local recoverable resources backed out.'.

These type of Abends indicate that a failure has occurred in another region - this gets reported in the current region as the AZI6.

So: you have got to sort out the cause of the ASRA in the other region where there will be a transaction dump and diagnostic messages around to indicate the actual failure.

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