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References to Beowulf in /var/log/messages.0 file

Clusters and servers expert Don Becker explains that references to Beowulf in a user's /var/log/messages.0 file are not a hacker's intrusions but kernel messages from an old device driver.

I have found references to your Beowulf software in my /var/log/messages.0 file. I believe I've suffered a hacker intrusion since many of my common files have been changed and some access files erased. My operating systemis Debian 3.1. I've scanned the media and have found no references to your software in the install set.

How can I determine if someone has compromised the system for cluster use purposes and what do you recommend I do to prevent your software from turning my Web server into someone else's cluster node?

There are many different implementation of Beowulf software out there, and you may be seeing one of them. But it's more likely that you are seeing the kernel message from one of the device drivers I wrote when I was working on the Beowulf Project at NASA. Usage information for some of those drivers was published on the Beowulf.org website, and the drivers had URLs with "beowulf.org".

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