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Reading materials for Oracle and Solaris command education

I am just starting Oracle on Solaris (2.x). I was trained on MS operating system for both 8i and 9i. I would appreciate if you could recommend a list of reading materials that will get me up to speed with Oracle and Sun Solaris commands.
Since you are asking about Oracle and Solaris, I'm not exactly sure if you're a DBA or Unix admin. However, I'll give you some Web pages and books to look at.

  • Here's a nice tutorial for installing Oracle on Solaris.
  • Here's another one.
  • This list is from Oracle and includes various documents on Solaris installation and administration.
  • Try the UGU (Unix Guru Universe) portal. There is a wealth of information on Solaris and other versions of Unix.
  • Here is a quick guide to help you with commands.
  • As far as books are concerned, if you're a DBA, this guide from O'Reilly might be right up your alley: Unix for Oracle DBAs
  • This one from Oracle press has a lot more detail: Unix Administration Handbook
  • If you're not embarrassed to see one of those dummy books, and you shouldn't be, here's a Solaris for Dummies book
  • When you get more advanced. Here's an excellent book on performance tuning that has helped me out of many a jam.
  • Dig Deeper on Linux servers

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