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ROI and performance comparison between Linux and Windows for database cluster OS

We are planning to upgrade our main database cluster (IBM RS/6000 on AIX) to Oracle on Intel, after doing a lot of research about the ROI of moving out of RISC/UNIX. I can't find clear evidence about performance issues and ROI when comparing Linux and Windows Server as the selected OS. Can you provide some insights and resources?
I think Intel offers a great resource in their Test Drive Oracle on Intel program.

Intel is offering the ability to test drive Oracle 10g on Windows 2003 and Red Hat Linux running on Itanium 2 processors. I can't think of a better way for you to find out about the performance for your application which will give you insight into the scalability of your application which can help you decide at least about acquisition costs. That's absolute concrete data to start.

HP has a TCO calculator for Oracle on HP with Linux as well that allows you to gain some insight into how a Risc/Unix (specifically Sun) might benefit from moving to the HP Proliant servers. It's obviously sponsored by a vendor but taking the source with a grain of salt I think it's a useful tool.

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