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RHEL 5's KVM vs. Feisty Fawn's KVM

A user asks what the difference is between Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5's (RHEL 5) kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) and Ubuntu Feisty Fawn's KVM.

If RHEL 5 already includes kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) support, why would anyone want to bother with Ubuntu's Feisty Fawn?
To be honest, that is like asking why anyone would want to use any other distribution since Red Hat ships Linux. Ice cream comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors for a reason -- people have different tastes, just like people prefer different distributions. I started out using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Linux, moved to Slackware, went to Windows for a while, moved to Ubuntu and now use Ubuntu and OS X.

Ain't choice grand (yes that was an intentional use of "ain't")? You can get KVM with Feisty as well -- just type 'sudo apt-get install kvm' to download and install it from the Ubuntu repositories.

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