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Quick fixes for Linux desktop business needs

Open source software and apps expert Bernard Golden explains why it might be better to have an outside service provider get a business started with open source software than testing it yourself.

I don't have the time to waltz around the block with software. I need clear, concise and understandable information on how to go forward with Linux desktops in a business situation. The lack of documentation about installation, integration and interoperability causes it to have a high pain factor and means that more time and/or money have been wasted. Where's the documentation? Where are some readable instruction manuals?

You sound frustrated, for which I am sorry. However, there are a ton of books on how to install and integrate Linux. SuSE, for example, comes with a manual if you buy a commercial version from Novell. There are also excellent sources of information from commercial publishers. And, of course, you can always rely on the Internet.

There is a learning curve with every new piece of software -- and this includes new versions of existing software. For example, I expect that the upcoming Microsoft Vista product will require getting used to. If you don't have time to devote to this learning process, I recommend using an outside service provider to get you going.

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