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Pros and cons of Lotus Domino for messaging on Linux

I enjoyed the article, Linux answers some messaging challenges. But I noticed that nowhere in the article did it mention Lotus Domino. The folks at IBM are great believers in Linux and are trying to move people away from Exchange and to Linux and Lotus Domino. Lotus Domino has the ability to be platform independent. Linux is a very good platform for Lotus Domino. The article also didn't mention anything about other groupware facilities such as calendaring, tasks, personal and global address books etc. So, what are the pros and cons of using Lotus Domino for messaging on the Linux platform? Do you have any advice for companies that want to move their Lotus Domino applications off of Unix and onto Linux?
You are correct, Lotus Domino is available on the Linux platform and IBM has played an important role in helping to drive adoption and support for Linux. Lotus Domino is a good environment for customers seeking an extensive groupware environment. For customers whose needs are primarly focused on e-mail and calendaring, there are full-featured solutions that can offer rich e-mail, calendaring, tasks and personal and global address books at much lower cost and complexity.

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