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Proprietary software for GNU/Linux?

Some of my co-workers think that it would be good if vendors wrote proprietary software for GNU/Linux. They think that would make Linux get adopted much more quickly, and they like the idea of having one vendor to support the application. I think this is a bad idea. What do you think?
Many vendors are writing proprietary software for Linux because so much of it is installed in IT infrastructures. I don't have any problem with vendors selling software for Linux; after all, their efforts make Linux a more viable platform. As Linux grows, the use of open source will grow, which will have very positive outcomes for us. Navica takes a very pragmatic approach to software; we seek the best solution, commercial or open, and use it. We ordinarily try and find a viable open source solution first, then move on to commercial products only if no good open source is available. We take the view that zealotry for open source is no better than the point of view that will only look at commercial solutions.

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