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Problems with debugging

We are using CICS Web interface to fetch data from DB2 tables residing on mainframe to the Web browser. The Web browser sends an HTTP request to the TCP/IP service of the MVS and the CICS/COBOL/DB2 programs will fetch the data from DB2 tables and send s to the Web browser as an XML document.

While we test one service in debug mode using the Debug Tool, another service (which is not in debug mode) is failing with an abend AWBM. It is observed that when the service, which is in debug mode, accesses a DB2 program (which is common for both services) the second service is failing. This happens even after the first service releases the DB2 program.

Both the services are working fine individually (with or without debug mode). The following error messages displayed in the CICS log:

An abend (code 0C4/AKEA) has occurred at offset X'FFFFFFFF' in program. (Module:DFHMEME) CICS symptom string for message DFHSR0001 is PIDS/565514700 LVLS/530 MS/DFHSR0001 RIDS/DFHSRP PTFS/ESA530 AB/S00C4 AB/UAKEA RIDS/FFGA200 ADRS/FFFFFFFF

Can you please tell me the reason for this and any suggestion to resolve it?

I don't do remote debugging in this forum. You should have a look at the dump to see why the 0C4 abend is occurring. The AWBM abend code is a side-effect of the 0C4 occurring during Web-based functions. If the dump reveals a problem to be in a CICS module, you should raise a problem.

It might be that something has upset the CICS message domain (from the DFHMEME bit in the FFDC message) and I'd certainly think service will require a trace to solve the problem as well as the dump.

Robert Harris
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