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Problems with batch ESDS files

I have a CICS defined ESDS file which serves as a log file. Everytime I need to run batch to print the full content of the ESDS log file, I have to close the file in CICS, run the batch program and then re-open the ESDS file in CICS for use. If I did not close the file, the batch program will not be able to print the full content of the log file. What parameters can I set to the FCT of the CICS ESDS file or any expert advise you can give to me so that I can bypass the step to close the file before running my batch program?

The short answer to this one is that - as you have observed - VSAM buffering is stopping you from getting at all the records at the end of your ESDS. You could try reducing the buffers used for the file within CICS - but that would cause you performance problems (perhaps) and only reduce the number of missing records - not guarenteeing that you will get all of them from Batch. Have a look through all the earlier responses to this forum and you will see an equivalent Q&A about Closing & Opening the file from Batch Processing using my EXCI SupportPac.

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