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Problems with Mozilla Firebird? Switch to Firefox.

Mozilla is great, but it is the one single app that is stopping me from migrating a number of desktops to 64 bit Linux (on AMD64). Everything else is working well under 64-bit Gentoo, but Mozilla Firebird is causing problems.
You should check you have the latest version, since "Firebird" is now called "Firefox." Type "about:" into the Location bar to see the current version. Installing Firefox 0.8 will almost certainly fix the problem, since Mozilla's been supported on IA64 architectures since about 1.5. If the problem's still there, put a message in the newsgroup netscape.public.mozilla.unix (server news.mozilla,org, port 119). Someone there will have tried what you've tried and you can compare notes to see if you have a bug, or if there's a useful 64-bit version of Firefox to try.

The Mozilla Application Suite is based on the same technology as Firefox, so choose either. Especially after 1.7 is released, the two will have a common source code base for most of their functionality.

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