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Problems getting CICS programs re-entrant

I have problems getting my C/370 CICS programs re-entrant (apparently). I am getting 0c4 when trying to update an EXEC CICS LINK COMMAREA. What is the trick? What impact does an external definition have? Do you have a reference?

I'm assuming that the length of the commarea is correct and you are not trying to write off the end of it (I always find that C lengths starting at 0 difficult to cope with). Similarly that you are accessing the commarea via the XC ADDRESS COMMAREA function to get the pointer.

It may be that you have allocated the commarea using a C malloc() verb, and then this storage has gone out of scope (LE Enclave issues start coming into play here as well). If you use an XC GETMAIN for the Commarea then CICS will be managing the storage as opposed to anything else, so it will be visible thoughout the transaction - and thus you should avoid the accessibility problem.

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