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Problems closing a file in CICS region

We're trying to close/disable a file in CICS region which looks successful using CEMT set command. But we're unable to delete/define the file in the batch. We get an error that the file is still held by the CICS region. Is it like the close hasn't happened and any tasks are holding the same. How can we overcome this problem?
Closing the file from within CICS will allow Batch jobs to access the file contents (subject to the correct SHR options), but this action does not overrride the normal MVS JCL file sharing rules. You have got the file in the JCL with DISP=SHR, and this will stop you from deleting/recreating it. If you need to delete/recreate the file, then you are going to have to remove it from the JCL and in the FILE RDO definition put in the DSN (instead of the DDN). Then, you can close the file and delete the definition (from CEMT) which will allow you to delete/recreate it in batch....naturally, you will have to reinstall the RDO definition (via CEDA) to use the new file within CICS.

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