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Page master templates in an Impress presentation

Office suites expert Solvieg Haugland tells users how to create templates with multiple page masters using the Impress presentation tool in OpenOffice 2.0.

How do I go about saving Impress templates with multiple page masters and name them? Is there a way to set one as a 'default master' within the template? This seems possible but after fiddling with it for hours I can't seem to figure it out. I can save the template but the multiple masters get messed up.

If you create new master pages in a presentation, you have to make sure that either all of them are applied somewhere in the template. Just leave a few extra slides at the end of your presentation to hold the master pages you want, then delete them at the end when you're done and know you don't want them. The most precise way to apply a master page is to right-click on it in the right-hand side of the work area and choose "Apply to All Slides" or "Apply to Selected Slides."

To save a presentation as a template, choose File > Templates > Save, name the template and select a category, and click OK. Then when you start the Impress wizard, you'll see the template in the category you selected when saving.

As for making one the default master, if you apply the one you want as default to a blank slide within the template, that should work. All additional slides you create will have that master page unless you explicitly say you want something else.

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