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PC utilities on Linux machines

Is there any Linux tool to record what users or PC superusered (SU'ed) to root and the commands that were executed?

Some Unix systems have /var/sulog to see who SU'ed to root and what commands were executed. Are there ways of setting the history to file (and how much of it should be saved)?

Some use:

  • lascomm -- all commands executed (by user and tty)
  • acctcom -- same as above
  • acctcms -- all commands executed by time of day, but some are only available according to what the shell is running (currently we are using Bash on Linux)
Some users have an interface tool -- AIX with SMIT [system management interface tool) that can enable/manage and view results of these tracing utilities.
I think your question relates to the availability of PC utilities on Linux machines. I have to say I am not familiar with any PC-based utilities, but that doesn't mean they aren't available.

Whenever I'm looking for sysadmin utilities, I always head to the Perl CPAN network, since Perl is so widely used for system administration functions. Beyond that, I recommend some Google searching for terms like "PC superuser logging" to see what's available.

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