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Open source content management systems

Maria Winslow describes some choices for open source content management systems.

My company is looking now at content management systems, and I'd like to recommend an open source option. What do you recommend?
There are several excellent choices in open source content management systems. The top four, all free and open source:

In an eWeek review, Bricolage was found to be "one of the best content management systems eWeek Labs has seen, even eclipsing some of the best-known commercial products." Bricolage is designed to be modular and easy to use. Support and custom development is available from the core designer.

phpWebsite is Appalachian State University's gift to the open source user community. When they needed to create a content management system for internal sites, the director of IT decided to release it as open source because the university is publicly funded. Development continues in a direction that meets the needs of the university, with the main goals of felixibility and extensibility.

Mambo (now called Joomla!) won the 2004 Linux User and Developer Award given by Linux User and Developer Magazine for "Best Linux or Open Source Software", and Best of Show at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in Boston in early 2005. Commercial support and design templates are available.

Zope is a more general-purpose application server popular for creating content management systems, intranets, portals, and custom applications. Zope includes an API for easier customization. Commercial support is also available.

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