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One expert to another: Any thoughts on CICS for Linux/390?

Mr. Harris,

Do you have any thoughts on CICS for Linux/390?

The ASCII base of Linux could be both a plus and a minus depending on the interaction with the web or other ASCII platforms.

Mayhaps CICS on Linux/390 would be more natively web-based but provide 3270 support, if at all, as a compatibility answer only.

I think of z/VM on a huge platform with many Linux images for direct Web interaction and a few z/OS images for CICS, DB2, IMS, etc. but wonder if IBM consider DB2, CICS, IMS, etc. on other than z/OS (and VSE).

Thanks in advance! -- Jim Keohane

Ah! CICS on Linux....an interesting question. Being an IBM Person who gets regularily told about IBM rules, I'm going to have to tender a firm 'No Comment'.

However, as is the case in all these sorts of things, Customer Demand is very important.....thus, make your views known through the official IBM/CICS channels.

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