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Obtaining the IP address of a TN3270 session via transaction or exit

Is it possible to obtain an IP address of a TN3270 session via a transaction or exit?

If, but only if, the terminal is autoinstalled then it is possible to derive the IP address from the information in the autoinstall program parameter list. The CICS Customization Guide describes how to write "a program to control autoinstall of terminals". The autoinstall program is passed a formatted COMMAREA (described in the Customization Guide) that includes a pointer to the CINIT RU (LOGON data). The format of the CINIT RU is described in the Systems Network Architecture Formats Manual (GA27-3136-19). The CINIT format is complicated but the manual describes how to find the "control vectors". One of these control vectors (the X'64' CV) contains the IP address and port number and, if available, the host name. With luck this URL will lead you to the right section of the SNA Formats Manual: http://publibfp.boulder.ibm.com/cgi-bin/bookmgr/BOOKS/d50a5006/

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