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OS/390 2.10 and z/OS 1.6 compatibility

OS 390 and zOS compatibility

Recently we migrated from Multiprise 2003/207 to Z/ series 890 model 2086.A04 110. Now we have 3 LPARs on the same processor with OS/390 2.10, and we want to migrate as soon as possible to Z/OS 1.4. Unfortunately, IBM sent us the Z/OS 1.6 version, and, like the IBM documentation explains, migration between OS/390 2.10 and Z/OS 1.6 is not possible.

What do you think about coexistence of 2.10 and 1.6 sharing VSAM, Master and User Catalog, DFSMS Control Dataset and CA TPX? Do you think we have some chance to migrate immediately to z/OS 1.6?

OS 390 and zOS compatibility: The reason that you were shipped z/OS V1.6 is that neither z/OS V1.4 nor z/OS V1.5 is generally available to order any more. Depending on what country you're in, there may be special ordering procedures that will allow you to still order those releases. You need to contact your local IBM marketing representative to find out if this is possible, as well as to order the release if it is possible.

I think you will be at very high risk of running into major problems if you attempt to share things like catalogs and the SMS Control Dataset (ACDS) between OS/390 V2.10 and z/OS V1.6. For example, PTF UA00440 is required to share the ACDS between an OS/390 V2.10 and z/OS V1.4. The PTF will prevent corruption of the ACDS on the OS/390 V2.10 system when it is shared with a z/OS V1.4 system. You run the same risk with a z/OS V1.6 system, except that no similar PTF is available. Similarly, there is a good chance that the format of VTOC, VVDS and other control records may have changed. Attempting to share resources between z/OS V1.6 and OS/390 V2.10 is entirely at your risk (and unsupported by IBM), so if you end up having problems, you'll end up the proverbial creek without a paddle. It's a risk I'd never run.

As for TPX compatibility, you need to contact Computer Associates for a definitive answer, but since it is a VTAM application, I think your chances of coexistence/fallback support are much better.

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