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Non-exchange applications clients and servers

I would love to hear about a non-exchange messaging solution, but you fail to name any applications client or server. Would you please name one? All I have seen is Evolution, which requires Exchange Server.
There are a number of Linux-based e-mail solutions on the market. Alternative products can be divided into two general categories: basic e-mail and rich e-mail and integrated calendaring servers. In the basic e-mail category, Sendmail and SUN have reliable, solid offerings, but lower functionality. For rich e-mail and integrated calendaring more closely comparable to MS Exchange functionality, alternatives include Novell Groupwise, IBM/Lotus Domino, SUSE OpenExchange, Bynari, Stalker and the Scalix eMail and Calendaring platform.

These products vary greatly in terms of comparable functionality and interoperability with other e-mail products, like Exchange and Outlook. In evaluating these products, the degree to which they provide similar functionality to Exchange should be examined closely.

On the desktop, alternatives include Ximian Evolution, Mozilla Mail and KDE Kmail. You can also find more applications at the Red Hat Solutions catalog and in online application catalogs such as .Knowledgestorm.

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