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Newbie-friendly help for migrating C/C++ programs from Solaris to Linux

I've been reading your tips on migrating from Solaris to Linux, and find it all very interesting. But the problem for me is that I'm new to both Solaris and Linux. I've a task before me to port several C/C++ programs from Solaris to Linux. The applications that are in Solaris use GNU compilers, Diab Compilers and Eclipse Compilers. And most of my applications are related to SPARC stations, PowerPCs. we are using Rational ClearMake as Make tool here.
As you already know, clearMake and GNU are not the same, far from it. However, clearcase does offer a GNU compatibility mode for its clearmake. Have you tried this?

# clearmake -C gnu

This runs clearmake in GNU "emulation mode." Though there are many features of GNU that are not supported, you may have some success. There are some inconsistencies with the way clearmake -C GNU works on AIX and Sun -- so be careful and don't expect miracles, but this may help you. I would log any problems you may have with Rational Clearcase (which is an IBM product) and see if they can help you resolve them.

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