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Need to check code coverage while testing my re-engineered CICS application

Hi, I want to check Code Coverage while testing my re-engineered CICS application. Unfortunately a tool such as Xpediter Coverage is not available. Only tool available is Xpediter/CICS. Any ideas on how I can still acheive my objective?

If you are looking for a test case coverage tool here is the "At a glance" 
description of the IBM Application Testing Collection: 
IBM Application Testing Collection for MVS/ESA & OS/390 (ATC) is a set   
   of productivity tools targeted to help you meet your application         
   development and maintenance testing challenges.                          
ATC provides:                                                            
         Scalable and efficient reporting of test case "code coverage"      
         answering the question, "Did I test all parts of the program that  
         were modified?"                                                    
         Automated creation and management of test data                     
         Generation and maintenance of a virtual test data environment      
         allowing testing of, for example, DB/2 and IMS applications        
         without the subsystems present                                     
         Significant time and resource savings realized by reduced CPU      
         Seamless generation of a documented softcopy trail of testing      
         activity for management auditing and proof of testing "due         

For more details about this product visit 

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