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Need help with connectivity errors when attempting to use EXCI

I am running a batch program using EXCI to access a CICS program passing data via the commarea. I am only able to initialize and allocate the pipe. When I attempt an open pipe call, I get an error.

00000008 Oresp
00000203 oresp2
00000092 sub-reason1

I believe I have narrowed the problem down to a system setup issue. When I attempt an EXCI Open_Pipe call I receive retryable response code 8 response code2 203 subreason 92. I am not getting much if any support from the systems people on resolving this. I was thinking of telling them to try to reassemble and link edit the DFHXCOPT table, which defines the connectional charateristics of EXCI. Does that sound logical? Or, can you point me in a different direction so I can supply them with the information to correct the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

The symtoms you have supplied demonstate - as you correctly suggest - that your batch program has not got through to CICS. You have generated the DFHXCOPT table, so it's not a missing table problem.

That leaves a bad definition in DFHXCOPT or a missing RDO definition. You should check that the CICS region has an active Connection definition for the MVS Pipe and that you have IRC active. It could be that you have not got the Applid correct in the DFHXCOPT - but that's so obvious you will have thought of it by now - and that the SVC number is correct.

One of my SupportPacs contains an EXCI Interface that can be used from Rexx/MVS to goto into CICS . Although the code will not be of any interest, the info in the doc about defining the connection may provide an alternative view to that in the CICS doc. Whilst you are at it, ensure that the various Userids used are suitable from a Security viewpopint.

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