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Need help using FEPI in an MRO environment

We have a CICS application in which we are using FEPI to front-end and translate screen name to Doublebyte Oriental languages. It works beautifully in a stand-alone region. However, in an MRO environment using dynamic transaction routing we fail, possibly due to an affinity existing between the back-end terminals that are defined per region and protected by the PassTicket security definition. Is there any way around this? Currently, we are defining the backend terminals in the AORs where both the access and target programs live. Should we be defining them in the TOR, and if so will a routed front-end terminal be routed with its associated back-end terminal?
It's always very pleaant to hear from a FEPI user -- I wrote a fair chunk of that code!

You do indeed have a dependency between the region from which the FEPI CONVID was obtained: you cannot pass this CONVID around into other regions. It's not to do with the PassTicket security processing, just the way FEPI uses VTAM half-session support.

You are correct to use VTAM to define the emulated terminals in the place where the emulated transaction will execute, and acquire the Connection to these terminals in the AOR in which your application program issuing the XCF command executes. You cannot put a SYSID() on the XCF commands to use routing functionality.

There is no linkage between the terminal running a FEPI transaction and the XCF function: FEPI will quiet happily run using non-terminal attached transactions where the Convid is passed between these transactions (all of which, therefore, run in the same AOR).

Thus, you should continue to use your existing setup. Where you should make changes is in the Routing URM to ensure that the transaction which is using FEPI always goes to the 1st AOR it got sent to (in practice, this means forcing it to a given AOR).

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