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Need help modifying an existing CICS program

I am trying to The program currently prints a tax receipt in SIMPLEX mode (Prints on one side). I have a client with a new duplex printer (Kyocera/Mita FS-3800). I determined what the native command is and I have to send the printer to print in DUPLEX mode (Prints on both sides). Where in the CICS program do I pass the native command?

You do not say HOW you are getting the exisiting output to the printer, so I cannot answer this question. However, as you have deduced the magic words to get things going on both sides of the paper, it should be an easy matter to embed this sequence in the output data stream being sent to the device.

If you are using the Spool interface, just XC SPOOLWRITE the sequence before the printable lines or if using BMS do a XC SEND TEXT before the lines.

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