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Need help circumventing the journal wait problem

I am faced with a grave performance problem in one of my CICS regions, particularly with a few transactions (CICS/ESA 4.1 -- not sure when we'll go to TS). These transactions do a lot of I/O and the wait is at resource FCIOWAIT and JCIOBLOK (on system journal J01). To circumvent the journal wait problem, I am thinking of making the JNLSYNCWrite from YES to NO (so that the journalling will be asynchronous).

- Will this give any improvement?
- Are there any potential risks in doing this?
- I haven't coded the SYSWAIT=STARTIO in the JCT. Will this cause the tasks to wait for the buffers to be flushed (I read that STARTIO will be the default)?
- The primary and secondary journals switch in the interval of 2-3 minutes during peak time (worst case is 38 seconds).
- The IBM PTFs PN80128/UN89909 have been applied.

This type of query should be raised with the CICS Service organisation.

However, I am SERIOUSLY concerned that you seem, after the year end, to be planning to use a then out-of-service product: you WILL be seriously exposed by using a then unsupported version of CICS.

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