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MySQL login issues

MySQL expert Scott Noyes recommends checking the error log or setting up a script for tracking consistent failures.

I set up MySQL and it works during the day but when we leave work and come in the next morning, the database does not work. I have to reboot it in order to get it working again. MySQL is not being used during the evenings and nights. During the day we can login, and it finds the user. But the next morning, if we try to login with the same user, it replies that we did not pass the login procedure. Again, when I reboot the system it works perfectly. Do you know what the issue could be?

Check the error log for clues. If that doesn't reveal anything, set up a script (using cron or Task Scheduler) to attempt to log in every few minutes during the night, to see if there is a consistent time of failure. Look for any other scheduled tasks that might occur around the same time -- DNS refresh, system backups, etc.

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